Traffic Infraction/Offense Law

Traffic Infraction/Offense Law

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Our office regularly handles the following types of traffic tickets:

– Traffic infractions (Class A & Class B)
– Traffic offenses (Misdemeanor & Felony)

There are two common types of traffic tickets. The least severe, and most commonly issued, are traffic infractions. The more severe tickets, which are somewhat less frequently issued, are traffic offense tickets. Although both are issued for traffic violations, they differ substantially in their nature, potential penalties and procedures for their resolution.

Traffic infraction tickets are given for most of the routine relatively minor traffic violations. The type of violations that constitute traffic infractions are numerous and include changing lanes when unsafe, speeding and failing to obey a traffic control signal.

These minor traffic infractions are further divided into two sub-groups consisting of class A and class B infractions. They are considered civil matters and typically the only penalties that may be imposed upon a conviction is a fine, court costs and, in the case of Class A traffic infractions, penalty points reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. For most traffic infractions an individual is issued a Penalty Assessment Notice by a law enforcement officer that typically provides an opportunity to return a guilty plea by mail, with a payment, prior to a deadline, to resolve the matter. Often an offer is made on the ticket for the penalty points to be automatically reduced upon timely payment.

It is important to know that a motorist also has the option of contesting a traffic infraction ticket in the applicable county or municipal court. This can be crucial in defending matters related to Class A traffic infractions as the penalty points can be reduced or in some cases even eliminated, allowing the driver to maintain their positive driving record.

Tickets for traffic offenses are more serious and are classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony. These tickets are considered criminal matters and the potential consequences are substantially more serious than minor traffic infraction tickets. Misdemeanor traffic offenses include driving without a valid driver’s license, careless driving, driving without insurance and excessive speeding. Felony traffic offenses typically involve a volitional act by the motorist resulting in the serious bodily injury or death of another person.

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