Dog Bites

Dog Bites

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More than 4 million people each year are bitten by dogs – many of whom are children.

Pet owners are legally responsible for the behavior of their dogs. In most dog-bite cases, the dog’s owner will be required to pay for the scarring and disfigurement, pain and suffering, and all medical bills and lost wages associated with a dog attack. Most states have statutes making it difficult for dog owners to avoid liability for injuries caused by dog attacks. Sometimes the person taking care of the dog, often called the boarder, keeper or harborer, may also responsible. Unfortunately, a large number of dog bites cause serious injury to small children.

Scars can be a serious, life-long result of a dog bite. Children are particularly susceptible to bites around the head and face and often suffer disfiguring scarring. Scars are more than physical injuries, also causing emotional injuries and fear. Scars may require plastic surgery which often must wait until the scar matures, usually about a year. In the case of a child, plastic surgery may need to wait until the child is finished growing after puberty. Scarring has a very real impact on self image and can have significant psychological impact. This being the reason behind the severity of many cases in this particular areas.

Many specific breeds of dog by law can only be brought out in public only when and if accompanied by the owner and secured by leash and collar, and in some states a certain breed of dog may be entirely illegal to own. The various laws regarding dogs and leashes vary from state to state so it is important to keep yourself informed on this matter.

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